A Sherlockians Obsession

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    Sometimes I forget that Jensen Ackles

    is taller than 


    #Chris and Benedict are both 6 feet and Jensen is 6 feet 1

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  3. So in “Redbeard,” as it’s formed on the soundtrack album, you actually hear in the distance the Watson chords on brass as Sherlock is ascending the staircase because it’s really John… it’s the connection with John that’s giving him the motivation to recover from that situation, so that’s one of the first times really that I can remember, I’m sure I’ll be wrong, where we’ve actively been using the Watson’s chords in a different orchestration.
    Micheal Price, composer of BBC’s Sherlock in his interview with Mary Jo Watts (mid0nz)
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    tv show like: *man leers at woman, licks his lips, smiles* do you have a boyfriend?
    audience like: ah yeah, he wants to hit it

    tv show like: *man leers at man, licks his lips, smiles* do you have a boyfriend?
    audience like: what a lovely friendship

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    First 10 seconds of the video, he didn’t even say anything yet. But look how adorable he is. {x}

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    I’m sick of people wrongly defining bisexuality. It’s not ‘attraction to both men and women’ it’s about being attracted to ‘bi’ things like bicycles, binoculars, bilinguals and binary coding smh

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    i’m tasteless but so is water and we all need that

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    Me and my sibling can go from




    in like three seconds 

    #MY LIFE

    on a scale from disney to dreamworks what’s your sibling relationship



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Sherry<3 I miss U


    Sherry<3 I miss U

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